Cory Albert is an entrepreneur and real estate investor. He owns a real estate portfolio worth several tens of millions of dollars. He has participated in numerous renowned interviews and is also the creator of Cory Albert Real Estate Investment, the number one platform in Canada for real estate coaching and support, helping families achieve financial freedom.

Millionnaire since the age of 22
10+ million in real estate assets



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The Inspiring Journey of Cory Albert

Cory Albert developed his entrepreneurial spirit early on. At just 16 years old, this young...

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Do Tenants Have More Rights Than Property Owners in Quebec? (Horrifying Story)

Summer 2023: Purchase of a 15-unit building near Laval. January 2024: Two apartments become vacant;...

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Financial Freedom: Not as Simple as It Seems

Whether you’re new to real estate or own multiple properties, we’re all seeking the same...