Do Tenants Have More Rights Than Property Owners in Quebec? (Horrifying Story)

18 March 2024

Summer 2023: Purchase of a 15-unit building near Laval.

January 2024: Two apartments become vacant; we renovate them.

February 2024: My partner goes to the building, an unknown person is living in one of the two newly renovated apartments.

The squatter entered the building one day. He saw my general contractor and told him a story about being the new tenant but needing the keys to the apartment.

The contractor gives him the keys, and he moves into the housing.

• THE POLICE: cannot remove him; he has the keys.

• THE TAL (Tribunal administratif du logement): cannot remove him; he has no lease.

• ME: I don’t know who he is; I have 2 options: get him to sign a lease and try to take him to the TAL for non-payment.

Go to the Superior Court of Quebec to get him out. (Costs about $5000)

In short, can someone break in and live in our properties without us knowing?

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